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 Product Catalog 2008 Catalog Addendum FET Amplifier Accessories Linearizer Design Guide

 DSNXSER: Noninverting High Speed PIN Diode Drivers DSIXSER: Inverting High Speed PIN Diode Drivers DSXSSER: X-Or (Mode Control) PIN Diode Drivers DSXFSER: High Speed X-Or (Mode Control) PIN Diode Drivers DSMFSER: High-Speed X-Nor (Mode Control) PIN Diode Drivers DSBXSER: ECL & PECL Compatible PIN Diode Drivers DSDFSER: Decoded Fast PIN Diode Drivers DSDSSER: Decoded Slow (50 nsec) PIN Diode Drivers DSUCSER: Ultracompact PIN Diode Drivers

 SD100: Decoding Chip Sets for Multi-throw Switches SD101: Microminiature LCC PIN Switch Drivers SD102: High Voltage Hybrid Drivers, 1 Kilovolt Capability SD103: Decoded Five Channel -100 Volt PIN Diode Driver SD105: Drivers for MSW2000 Series and other T/R Modules SD106: MEMS high speed drivers with Soft Landing function SD107: Relay Drivers

 L100: Binary Input Dual-Output Linearizer for GaAs MMICs L102: Linearizer Tweak Board

 A100: Design and Assembly of a DC/IF Subsystem A101: Switching Power Converters A102: Chip-On-Board (COB) Microelectronics A103: High Voltage PIN Diode Driver System

 SP100: Hybrid Tilt Sensor Pre-amplifiers SP101: Energy Harvesting Modules

 SV100: Evaluation Boards to Aid in Prototype and Test SV101: Virtual Tweaking to Your Device Data SV102: Hybridization Miniaturizes Your Assembly and Improves Performance

 M100: High Current YIG Drivers M101: Direct Replacements for Obsolete Components





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