Depending on your own in-house needs and capabilities, you may find our related services to be a useful adjunct…

  • Hybridization
  • Honey, I shrunk the PC board! We can work from your existing circuit diagrams to create a miniaturized version of your proto or production assembly, probably all in one little chip.

  • Virtual Tweaking
  • We have developed software which allows us to take in your data file (such as the Current vs Attenuation of an attenuator) to optimize our designs for your devices.

  • “DC Side” Management
  • RF and Microwave designers deal with an “RF side”, which has diodes and transmission lines, and a “DC Side”, which has TTL interface specs, bypass caps, reverse protection, and lots of other things that we can take care of for you, so that you can concentrate on the “RF side”.

  • Driver / Diode Testing
  • If you can supply us with an RF unit, or with loose RF diodes (in chip or any packaged form), we can build up a realistic dummy load and verify that the driver and diode are going to work for you in your product.

  • RF Digital
  • Impellimax is an Authorized RF Digital Third-Party Design Center