Multifunction and Special Assemblies

Impellimax can design and build your whole DC subassembly as a turn-key drop-in solution. We optimize the use of space by dealing in whatever mix of technologies is best for the job.

One example of this concept is a unit which combined:

  • a dual-output low-speed PIN switch driver
  • a dual-output high-speed PIN switch driver
  • a 75 MHz IF amplifier/attenuator
  • a detector diode bias circuit and threshold comparator with ECL Output
  • copious LC filtering on +5, +15, and -15V supplies

The backside is all groundplane for greatest signal sensitivity and low noise floor, and numerous vias maintain low impedance on critical supplies throughout the board.

This subassembly was designed, built, and tested by Impellimax, working with our customer’s mechanical and electrical requirements.

Although in most cases it is simpler to use standard or semi-standard Impellimax drivers, our capabilities in turn-key design can pull some impressive results out of what otherwise might be impossible situations.