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Impellimax designs and manufactures special assemblies using many microelectronic technologies.

Impellimax was founded in 1986, specializing in hybrid circuit drivers for microwave control devices. Click Here to Read More

Catalogs / Flyers

27 pg, K Series Data Sheets feature a wide range of “Building Block” devices all housed in the 14 lead K package. These parts provide the electrical functions that system designers most typically need, and in a format that is low cost, hermetic, and very compact.

Rev B, 2.2MB

47 pg, with sections on PIN & GaAs Drivers, Linearizers, and Obsoletes and Special. Several one-page appnotes also included.

Rev B, 29MB

12 pg, covers a wide range of topics including Unpackaged Substrate Drivers, Space Products, MEMS and Piezo drivers, etc.

Rev -, 388KB

8 pg, covers Pulsed Drain Supplies, Power Supply Sequencers, Timed & Shaped drivers for cascaded amplifiers, etc.

Rev -, 325KB

12 pg, covers Linearizer applications in Driving PIN and GaAs MMIC Attenuators, Linearizing Varactors, etc.

Rev A, 5MB

2 pg, overview of line of hybrid products.

Rev -, 1.6KB

2 pg, overview of PCB capabilities.

Rev -, 396KB

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