Company Profile

Impellimax was founded in 1986, specializing in hybrid circuit drivers for microwave control devices. Our capabilities are broad and now are including, but not limited to …

  1. PIN diode Switch Drivers
  2. Linearizers for Attenuators, VCO’s, and Sensors
  3. GaAs MMIC Switch and Attenuator Drivers
  4. Drop-in Replacements for Obsolete Hybrids (National and others)
  5. YIG Drivers and other High-Current Hybrids
  6. Thin film hybrids, shipped with or without packaging
  7. Multichip modules, COB, mixed SMT and hybrid assemblies
  8. Aluminum and Gold wirebonding
  9. Gold ribbon bonding
  10. Multi-PCB driver systems and PC interface circuitry for microwave control

We are proud suppliers of commercial, MIL, and space-rel devices for such prominent companies as Raytheon, Hughes Missile Systems, E-Systems, MITRE, M/A-Com, BAE Systems, and Alpha.

Customer Satisfaction

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