K28 Building Block – Fast Gate Driver for FET Amplifiers

March 26, 2013

The K28 Building block provides a TTL compatible ON/OFF function for microwave amplifiers, ready to use in the the tiny K package.  It switches a typical RF amplifier “ON” within 40-60 nanoseconds of a logic command, and, more importantly, can switch an amplifier “OFF” (for self-protection, safety, etc), within 15 nsec.  The device is compatible […]

New Offerings in Hermetic, Tiny Package

January 10, 2013

A wide range of new ‘building block’ parts has been announced.  These parts provide the electrical functions that system designers most typically need, and in a format that is low cost, hermetic, and very compact. These Building Block devices are all housed in the 14 lead K package. Each bullet below is a single Building […]

Expanded offerings in tiny 14 lead hermetic package

December 8, 2012

Additional product offerings have been added to the Impellimax ‘K’ package family.  The 1/4 inch by 3/8 inch ‘K’ package is .125 inch thick and can be sealed hermetically or with a lower cost nonhermetic option. The package can be specified with SMD gull leads, and an Eagle-compatible PCB landpattern is available as a free […]

New Miniaturized Driver For GaN Switches – 6140

March 5, 2012

Impellimax is pleased to announce a new GaN driver series. 6140 is the first of a series specifically designed for the high voltage gate drive needed by GaN MMIC switches. The 6140 is capable of -40V operation and approximately 20nsec switching speed. Other units are planned for -60V operation. The 6140 is RoHS compatible and […]

Digital Input GaAs Attenuator Linearizer Series

June 8, 2011

The 8579 and it’s related product family provides a simple one-chip method of driving 2-input (series/shunt) GaAs MMIC attenuators with a binary coded word. The 8579 is capable of 8-bit monotonic resolution, and linearizing resistors can be calculated with freely-provided software. The Impellimax model 8579 size is a 22 lead chip, .625 by .375 by […]