Expanded offerings in tiny 14 lead hermetic package

December 8, 2012

Additional product offerings have been added to the Impellimax ‘K’ package family.  The 1/4 inch by 3/8 inch ‘K’ package is .125 inch thick and can be sealed hermetically or with a lower cost nonhermetic option. The package can be specified with SMD gull leads, and an Eagle-compatible PCB landpattern is available as a free download to facilitate your board design. All are capable of high-volume production and bonded on our automatic wirebonders.

14 lead hermetic-capable SMD package

Small, hermetic-capable devices offered in new low-cost package


Here is a partial list of some of the range of drivers, obsolete replacements, and special functions now available in this package:

92004K-50  +/-40V output op-amp, electrically equivalent to National LH004, but now as an SMD device

6140-50         GaN driver, -40V capability

6160-50         GaN driver, -60V capability

MF2-16           Dual high-speed PIN diode switch driver with independent logic mode controls

NX1-16            High speed PIN diode switch driver, noninverting

XS150EK-50 High voltage PIN diode driver, -100V, with mode control

9235K-50      Three channel decoded PIN switch driver for series-diode switches and modules

2005-50        Fixed-temperature heater for VCO’s, crystals, and sensors. Proportional, to 1Watt

9923-50         Three channel GaAs driver optimized for high radiation environments, latchup-free

AP17-52        Seven breakpoint positive-output linearizer

AN17-55       Seven breakpoint negative-output linearizer

APD7UAK-50 Dual-output seven breakpoint positive-output linearizer

2632-50       Hermetic capable mini AM26LS32 line receiver

9648-50       TTL-switched Gate Drive for LNA, 30 nsec typical

GS101AK-50 GaAs driver, optimized for high radiation environments, latchup-free

Contact the factory for specifics on any of these devices, or to consider the options of migrating your application requirements into an Impellimax ‘K’ package solution.