Impellimax is pleased to partner with eComp and their Chipseeker™ web tool.

eComp specializes in locating hard to find, allocated, and mature parts to support your production and legacy systems.

Buyers with Hubzone set-aside requirements can benefit by using eComp’s services, resting assured that the obsoletes-support capabilities of Impellimax will be invoked to your project’s best advantage.

Please contact Impellimax to see if the eComp connection is best for you.

obsolete dividersM101 Direct Replacements for Obsolete Components (29KB) rev 10/22/98

eComp’s Cage Code is 1R2D3

They are an Approved Supplier of major aerospace and military manufacturers.
Contact Information:
296 Irving St.
Framingham, MA 01702
Tel: 508-881-8399
Fax: 508-861-0113

eComp’s Legacy Materials paradigm encompasses 3 Levels of Support for a 3 Stage Solution. Impellimax is a key supplier to eComp in Stage 2 and Stage 3 processing.

Stage 1

  • Parts Management
  • Component Sourcing
  • Component Engineering Services
  • Value Added Services
  • BOM Analysis: Red, Yellow, Green

Stage 2

  • Module / Hybrid Assembly
  • Die Packaged to Your Requirements

Stage 3

  • Re-Engineered Electronics
  • Analog / Digital Design Services
  • Conversions – FPGA / ASIC

Industry Knowledgeable Staff

  • Component Solutions
  • Obsolete electronic components, Allocated, Hard to Find, Mature Product
  • Value Added Services
    • Testing
    • Programming
    • Die Search
    • Alternative Solutions