High Voltage drivers and converters for PIN, MEMS, and Piezo applications.

May 21, 2011

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Impellimax Driver 9257High Voltage Drivers

High speed moderate voltage drivers provide up to 30V back bias on diodes, but still can maintain 5 MHz repetition rates and high speed switching.

High speed intermediate voltage drivers provide up to 180V back bias, with switching speeds in the range of 50 nsec to low microseconds.

PIN drivers in the range of 200V to 750 Volts benefit from Impellimax’s patented High Voltage driver circuit. These drivers utilize magnetics in a novel arrangement that provides DC controllability, protection from damaging shoot-thru during switching, low cost, and small size. Multi-ampere output currents are easily achieved, and switching speeds in low microseconds are possible.

Impellimax high voltage drivers frequently are controlled by balanced-line logic varieties. This is a beneficial concept in eliminating false logic switching due to noise transients induced by switching high voltages and currents in small confined devices. Balanced logic fault line outputs are similarly useful and available.

MEMS and Piezo Drivers

Micro Electromechanical devices (MEMs) most typically operate thru the mechanisms of electrostatic attraction and repulsion. High voltages, in the range of 25 to 250 V, are needed to cause them to actuate. Impellimax has numerous high-voltage drivers and technologies which allow creation of an optimized driver solution for your MEMs system.

Our MEMs drivers can generate their own high voltage from your lower-voltage system supplies, so the result is a turn-key one-chip solution for many applications.

For MEMs devices that only require high voltage pulses during switching, Impellimax provides latching-driver circuits that translate single logic line inputs into multi-output sequenced high voltage events as necessary to complete actuation.

Voltage Converters For High Voltage Generation

Impellimax can easily custom-design a hybrid or pcb solution for high voltage generation requirements. We can convert aircraft power, for example, into isolated supplies suitable for your needs, up to hundreds of volts.

Although insulated copper wire is still the material of choice for most magnetic power converters, we also have designs incorporating aluminum wirebonds, positioned thru shaped magnetic regions, to create the windings within micro hybrid voltage converters. We can also use exotic materials, such as Teflon-coated gold wire, for applications where small size and high efficiency are paramount. Impellimax capacitively-coupled voltage converters allow voltage conversion and multiplication without concern for high magnetic fields and extreme temperature ranges, both of which can limit the usefulness of magnetic power conversion.