Impellimax to become alternate source for National LH1605K regulator

June 30, 1998


Impellimax acquires materials and documentation for product offering

6/30/98 — Phil Cassista announced today that Impellimax will offer it’s PN1605K as a direct replacement for the now-obsolete National Semiconductor LH1605K. The device is a high-current switching regulator IC.

National Semiconductor wants to assure continued support for it’s many customers who have designed-in the LH1605K, especially in military systems. Due to National’s discontinuance of the LH series offering, though, some customers appeared to be headed for procurement difficulties. Impellimax wishes to thank Jerry Streb of National Semiconductor for his part in helping Impellimax become an alternate supplier of this component.

Both Commercial and Military versions of the product are offered by Impellimax.